How they're made.

We've made sure that Junior Monarch's rugs are made to last. That is why we decided that hand-knotting them was the only way of guaranteeing that your investment would be one that lasts for generations. Hand knotted rugs are virtually indestructible. We've made sure that you are purchasing an heirloom product.

Slow quality production with a long lasting quality, is part of our ethos of bringing quality decor products to children. We oppose the all too pervasive "fast throw away culture" of product design.

This blog entry will go over the first part of the process, knotting.


Each knot of our rugs are individually mapped as a pixel onto a 1 to 1 'road map' for our experienced weavers to follow. This guarantees that the rugs are always made to an identical specification. Here they are examining the map for Josh Brill's Bonbon Zebra Rug:

If you look closer you can see that every knot is depicted as a pixel.

Below we see our master weaver in action tying the knots of Jorey Hurley's Baby Seal rug. Notice the pixelated road map of each knot identified as a small square. The knots are tied around a metal rod. This metal rod gives the yarn its height. In our case our rugs are made to have to approximately 1 cm long, giving the rug a nice thick and luxurious softness and density.


Once the rugs are knotted, they are taken off of the loom and the edges are bound with yarn. This gives the rugs a nice clean boarder and prevent it from fraying. Here Jorey Hurley's Baby Seal rug is getting its edges bound.


We give the rugs a little more definition by carving the contours of the artwork. This gives the yarn definition and makes for more refined and tailored looking rugs. Below, Josh Brill's Dandy Giraffe is getting its contours dutifully refined with careful expertise use of rug shears.


Finally after your rug has been knotted, bound, and craved, we do a final quality check to make sure the colors are consistent with our internal color-coding system. After that we ship them out directly to you.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I hope we shed some light on to how the rugs are made. Feel free to contact us if you have any question on our contacts page. Click here to contact us.

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