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Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Welcome to Junior Monarch!

We launched Junior Monarch in wanting to expose children to home décor products with a commitment to heightened aesthetics, high product durability, sustainability, and ethics.

Children spend most of their early life on the floor. It is where they crawl, take their first steps, roll, cuddle, play, read, be bored, dream, sometimes cry, but hopefully laugh a lot more. Much of their time is spent on the floor. We thought, why not use the floor as the starting point to enrich all those experiences with warm, beautiful, fun, high quality rugs?

The approach was simple, work with really talented designers to develop beautiful rugs for children, then produce them in the most sustainable and ethical manner possible.

It was vital that the children’s rugs have an enduring aesthetic quality. We therefore commissioned six artists from around the world who’s aesthetic we felt could help us create rug designs for children that were sophisticated enough for the parents to appreciate as well. A collection was curated that is playful, colorful, funny, sophisticated, classical, beautiful and refined. The aim being to raise the bar on the aesthetic value and design sensibility of children’s products.

Besides elevated aesthetics and design sensibility we wanted to expose children to aspects of higher product quality, sustainability and ethics. The rugs are of the highest hand-knotted quality, hand woven in northern India, in a region rich in rug weaving tradition. Hand-knotted rugs are virtually indestructible, and can have centuries long life spans. It was important to instill values of longevity in our collection, as opposed to the current environment were quick, throw away, products are still commonplace.

Equally important, was that the collection convey the value of high quality and sustainably sourced yarns; that product longevity goes hand-in-hand with high quality materials. Therefore the collection comes in three premium quality yarns: 100% New Zealand Wool, a very luxurious Marino Wool and Silk blended yarn, and finally a Vegan yarn blend from Tencel and Linen. Tencel fibers are derived from renewable beech wood that is sourced in Austrian sustainable growth forests.

Finally, it was critical that our collection be produced in the most ethical manner possible. We work with a family run mill in northern India, a region steeped in rug making tradition. The mill, now in its 6th generation of preserving this priceless regional craft, is Good Weave Certified. This ensures that no children are involved, and more importantly exploited, in the making of our children’s rugs.

Complete passion and commitment was given over to this project; whether it be curating the artists and their aesthetics, guaranteeing the durability of the rugs, or sourcing sustainable yarns that are produced in ethical weaving conditions. We worked diligently to add the highest value at every level to this collection. The ultimate goal being, of course, to convey those values to your children.

We hope you enjoy our rug collection as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

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